Our Edge

Hargol FoodTech grasshoppers are a superior protein alternative in every aspect


Superior nutrient content

Up to 70% protein content

All essential amino acids

Very low saturated fat and Cholesterol

Product edge

Most widely eaten insect in the world

Almost neutral taste & flavor

Minimal processing

Sole kosher and halal insect


Highly efficient feed conversion

Very low water footprint

Extremely low greenhouse gasses emissions

Zero waste farming

Efficient Farming

Year-round production

Optimized feeding

Innovative cage infrastructure to increase density

Vertical farming

The Team

Meet the people behind Hargol FoodTech

[lvca_team per_line=”3″][lvca_team_member member_name=”Dror Tamir” member_image=”682″ member_position=”Co-Founder & CEO” member_details=”More than 24 years’ experience in strategic planning and finance management
Serial food/nutrition entrepreneur (one exit)” member_email=”dror@hargol.com ” linkedin_url=”https://il.linkedin.com/in/drortamir”][lvca_team_member member_name=”Chanan Aviv” member_image=”684″ member_position=”Co-Founder & CTO” member_details=”More than 30 years’ experience in growing and breeding insects and livestock
” member_email=”chanan@hargol.com ” linkedin_url=”https://www.linkedin.com/today/author/0_393paVwE5LaiUOHgFZIjp5?trk=mp-details-footer-follow”][lvca_team_member member_name=”Ben Friedman” member_image=”683″ member_position=”Co-Founder & COO” member_details=”More than 17 years’ experience in strategic operations management
serial entrepreneur” member_email=”ben@hargol.com ” linkedin_url=”https://il.linkedin.com/in/ben-friedman-a2b14a49″][/lvca_team]
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