Our Edge

Hargol FoodTech Grasshoppers are a superior protein alternative in every aspect


Superior nutrient content

72% protein content

All essential amino acids

No saturated fat or cholesterol

Product edge

Most widely eaten insect in the world

Neutral taste and flavor

Minimal processing

Sole kosher and halal insect


Highly efficient feed conversion

Very low water footprint

Extremely low greenhouse gas emissions

Zero-waste farming

Efficient Farming

Year-round production

Optimized feeding

Innovative cage infrastructure to increase density

Vertical farming

The Team

Meet the people behind Hargol FoodTech

Dror Tamir

More than 24 years’ experience in strategic planning and finance management
Serial food/nutrition entrepreneur (one exit)

Ben Friedman

Co-Founder & COO
More than 17 years’ experience in strategic operations management
Serial entrepreneur

Micky Attiach

Production Manager
More than 5 years' experience in growing and breeding insects and livestock
Buy Our Product

PRO72 Nutrient Rich Protein Powder

Nutrient rich protein ingredient containing 72% whole protein, omega-3, omega-6, omega-9, iron, zinc, folic acid, calcium, chitin and vitamins.

PRO72 Nutrient Rich Protein Powder

Easily blended into a variety of food and beverage applications. Contact us and order today!

Press & Media

See Hargol FoodTech in the media

Competitions, Prizes & Awards

Hargol FoodTech is a 21 Time Award Winner!

Tnuva, Capsule & Calcalist – FoodTech 2018
YoStartups Top 50 Agritech Startup 2018
Future Agro Challenge 2018
WeWork The Creator Awards Tel Aviv 2017
Journey 2017-The Pitch by EY
1776 Challenge Cup Israel 2017
DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival 2017 – Pick A Startup Competition- 2nd Place
Food Vision USA 2017 Trailblazers
SIGEF Awards for socially Innovative Projects 2015
Future Agro Challenge 2016
Uniliver Foundry & Food Vision Trailblazer 2016
Food + City Challenge Prize 2016
FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards 2016
South Summit 2016
Red Herring Global 2016
Get in the Ring Israel 2017
Green Impact Summit 2017
Startup World Cup
EvokeAg Pitch Tent 2019
The Boomer Challenge by Mondelez 2018
FoodBytes San Francisco 2019
Ministry of Agriculture 2019 Innovation in Animals Winners
Israel’s President 2020 Award “Companies that change the world”
Tech Tour Award 2020
Israel’s Innovation Authority 2020 Innovation Tour in China

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